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5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Cold and Flu Season

5 Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Cold and Flu Season
September 17, 2018 keichie

Keep your little ones healthy this cold and flu season.

Here are a few tips our pediatric trained providers tell parents to prevent illness during the cold and flu season:

  1. Start off with a healthy meal. Providing your child with a healthy meal not only gives them enough energy to focus it keeps their immune system in shape. Finding quick healthy snacks/meals on the go can be hard, check out this article from the help guide for kid-friendly junk food alternatives.Healthy Meal
  2. Get a good nights rest. Getting your child in bed early ensures a stress free morning for both the parent and the child. Sleep is essential for good health. According to Parents Happy, Healthy Kids, sleep has a major effect on your child’s immune system. A sufficient amount of sleep helps fight off sickness.
  3. Good hand washing and use of sanitizer. One of the most important ways to stop the spread of germs is hand washing. To eliminate germs, make sure your child washes their hands when returning from school. Washing hands before and after eating can help reduce the risk of getting colds, flu, and other infectionsHealthy Habits
  4. Healthy habits. Cover your cough! Respiratory illnesses such as the flu or common cold are spread airborne. Teaching your child habits like sneezing and coughing in their elbow helps prevent others from getting sick.
  5. Avoid touching face while at school. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), research shows that the health of students is linked to their academic achievement.

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If your little one is experiencing cold and flu like symptoms visit our website to find an immediate care Children’s Urgent Care clinic near you. Our pediatric trained staff offers immediate care seven days a week, no appointments necessary. We now offer new extended operating hours 2pm – 9pm Monday – Friday.


  1. Millie Hue 10 months ago

    Thanks for pointing out that avoiding touching the face when at school will keep them from getting sick since most sicknesses come from school. I guess it is where my daughter got her fever which is why I need to take her to a center tomorrow. She might need to skip school for now since she must rest well to completely heal. She started having this when she got home yesterday.

    • Author
      keichie 10 months ago

      Millie, thank you for taking the time to read our post! Absolutely, cold and flu season is here and one of the best ways your kids can avoid it is if they keep their hands away from their face. Sorry to hear your little one is sick. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

      If you are interested in this article, keep following our blog! We post urgent care updates, parenting tips, kids health and much more every month.

  2. Mark murphy 9 months ago

    I really appreciate your tip to try and teach your kids to cough and sneeze into their elbow. My son is going to be starting preschool soon, and I don’t want him to be spreading sickness to other kids when he is sick. I will be sure to tell my son that we should try and practice coughing and sneezing into our elbows!

  3. Kevinsix 9 months ago

    Store your medications up high, ideally in a closed or locked cabinet. Do some prep work before Halloween, too. Many parents entice their children to take Pepto-Bismol by calling it candy — don’t do this, because it teaches the kids that all that bright, flashy or small pieces are going to be tasty and sugary.
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  4. Warren_bruRb 9 months ago

    Poor children. Constantly being reminded by parents to wash, wash, and wash some more. But keep up the nagging, Mom and Dad! Scientists have proven this timeless refrain merits the nagging: An estimated 80 percent of all colds and flu are contracted via our fingers. So the best (and simplest) way to avoid winter ailments is soaping and scrubbing your child s cute, but germ-ridden, hands.
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