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Fight the Flu With These 5 Helpful Tips!

Fight the Flu With These 5 Helpful Tips!
November 8, 2017 keichie

As the weather gets colder, we notice more and more people getting sick with the flu. This is a very serious contagious disease. Luckily, we have passionate providers who would like to share some helpful tips to fight the flu!

Flu season is upon us! As a result, getting your flu shot is important. Not only does it provide protection to yourself against the sickness, but it protects your families too. The shot is a deactivated (dead) virus and cannot give you the disease. If someone has symptoms of body aches, low grade fever after the flu shot, it’s a good thing. That means your immune system is responding to the flu shot that was given and is developing immunity.

A couple tips to remember to keep ourselves and our families well this season.

Fight the Flu1. Disinfect the most common touched objects in your house. (Door knobs, light switches, common house hold appliances, etc.)

2. If you are running a fever or feeling under the weather, try to stay home. If that is not possible and you go into work (most of us are very dedicated to our jobs), then wear a mask for your shifts while symptomatic.

3. Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

4. Say yes to the shot!

5. Stay well rested and hydrated.

No one enjoys being sick. That being said, let’s try to keep ourselves, our co-workers, as well as our families well this season!!

Children’s Urgent Care is currently offering flu shots for both children and adults. Our pricing: $15 for kids and $20 for adults. Call us today to see how your school, daycare, business, or organization can receive a promotional price of $10 for kids and $15 for adults! Walk-ins Welcome!

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