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Healthy Children: In and Out of the Classroom

Healthy Children: In and Out of the Classroom
December 5, 2018 keichie

Fight the Flu

Cold and flu season is in its prime, as a result we are seeing more germs being spread throughout the classroom. Teachers and parents are always searching for ways to keep their children healthy and happy.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Courtney Szudarski, 5th and 6th grade instructional aide at Fairview Elementary School, who recommended tips for keeping your child healthy inside the classroom and out. After all, our ultimate goal is to miss the flu! Not school. 

Teacher Talk

What is your position?

CS: This is my second year working at Fairview Elementary as an instructional aide for 5th and 6th grade resource.

Tell me a little about yourself

CS: I love working with children. I’ve have had the honor of working with children for the past several years in various job positions. Working at schools, YMCA camps and after school programs taught me to take extra measures to secure safety and health for the children and staff. It is important to keep your heath in great shape, especially when working with little ones. 

What’s the most common illness you see your students coming down with recently?

CS: This school year, the most common illness I’ve seen is the flu. Students and teachers have come down with a nasty, strong flu that takes them out for days or even a week.

With flu and strep still in season, what do you recommend families do if they suspect their child is sick?

CS: I recommend that families and students take precautions if they feel a little under the weather. If students or teachers feel the slightest bit of a cold coming on they should take a day or two to recover and rest. Plenty of rest and staying hydrated is important when staying healthy and fighting against a cold or flu.

What are some ways kids can prevent germs from spreading in the classroom?

CS: A key tip to remember in the classroom to prevent germs from spreading is to constantly wash or sanitize your hands. If a child sneezes or blows their nose they should wash their hands. Also wiping down desks, door knobs and other frequently used objects in the classrooms helps to prevent germs from spreading.  

In your opinion, how important do you think it is for your students and their families to have an urgent care in their neighborhood that’s specifically for kids?

CS: Having a pediatric urgent care in the neighborhood for students and families is very important resource. Urgent Care centers are more convenient than rushing to an emergency room. You can quickly get evaluated and diagnosed. 

Healthy Kids

Courtney Szudarski, Fairview Elementary School Instructional Aide

At Children’s Urgent Care, we aim to provide top quality pediatric care while fostering a friendly and welcoming environment. Our pediatric trained staff works daily to ensure your child is in a convenient and timely matter.  

If your little one is experiencing cold and flu like symptoms visit our website to find a Children’s Urgent Care clinic near you. Our pediatric trained staff provides immediate care seven days a week, no appointments necessary.




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