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Pediatric Telemedicine FAQs

Pediatric Telemedicine FAQs
March 8, 2019 keichie

What is Pediatric Telemedicine? 

Through pediatric telemedicine, patients have the opportunity to speak with a board certified pediatrician or nurse practitioner conveniently from home.

Pediatric TelemedicineTelemedicine is a fairly new concept to some. But as healthcare is ever-changing, telemedicine is rapidly adopting to hospitals, clinics, and much more. We understand most people still have questions like what illnesses can providers see through two-way video conferencing? and what is the cost? Luckily, we had the opportunity to sit down with Lindsay Keller, local Skokie mom and publisher for the Skokie-Niles-Park Ridge edition of Macaroni Kid, to answer all her common questions.

LK: What kind things can you treat through a virtual visit?

CUC: We can treat and give advice on variety of common illness and injuries. Colds, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Mild allergic reactions, skin irritations, ringworm, minor injuries, minor burns, some types of pink eye.

LK: Virtual visits cannot cover what illnesses? 

CUC: The most common are ear pain, sore throat and UTI. These illnesses need specific exams or testing done to provide the best treatment for your child.

LK: As a caregiver, what information do I need to have ready for my visit? Do I need to know the child’s height and weight?


  • Recent weight and height
  • Any allergies your child has
  • Current medications that your child is taking
LK: Do I need to have a thermometer to take my child’s temperature if he or she isn’t feeling well?

CUC: A current temperature is helpful but not required. This request may be provider specific.

LK: Can providers call medication into a pharmacy?

CUC: If your child requires a prescription, we would be happy to send it to your local pharmacy. A patient can enter their pharmacy information during the virtual visit check-in process, or tell the provider during the visit.

LK: Are visits covered by insurance and is there a co-pay? 

CUC: We are currently offering telemed visits for a self-pay cost of 60 dollars. Insurance coverage for telemedicine varies between insurances and even within the plans themselves so it may be difficult to determine if your insurance covers telemedicine. Illinois does not require insurance carries to cover telemedicine visits

LK: Should my child need additional testing like bloodwork or x-rays, can the doctor give me a referral, or can I come in to have those done?

CUC: If it is determined that your child needs further testing that can be completed at the clinic, we will transfer your visit to the urgent care and your child’s visit will resume upon arrival. Children that are seen in the clinic immediately after their virtual visit will have the virtual visit fee waived and insurance can be used at that time. If your child needs care that cannot be completed at the clinic you will be referred to the appropriate type of facility and the virtual visit fee will apply.

About Lindsay:

Telemedicine MomI moved from Michigan (Go Green!) to Chicago eight years ago. My husband and I have a beautiful three-year-old daughter, along with three cats and a rabbit. I love finding new and fun things to do with my family, especially if it involves animals or being outside in nature. Last year I became the Publisher for the Skokie, Niles, Park Ridge and Far Northwest Chicago edition of Macaroni Kid—a website and free weekly newsletter of kids and family activities in the area. I hope you will join me in exploring all the fun family activities our area has to offer!


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