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Virtual Visit

A Convenient Way To Talk To A Doctor From Home

What is a Virtual Visit?

We understand that it can be difficult to leave the house with a sick child, so we bring the doctor to you. Our highly trained pediatric providers can treat many common illnesses through a video Virtual Visit on your computer, iPhone, Android, or tablet. Receive care from skilled pediatric providers without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

mother and her child talking to a doctor online using pediatric telemedicine virtual visit service

Self-Pay Fee

Virtual Visits are a flat rate fee of $60.00. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and Debit cards. We provide a safe and secure payment process to allow you to quickly pay for your visit directly from your device, whether that is a computer, smart phone, or tablet.

pediatric doctor speaking to a family with children using telemedicine virtual visit technology on an ipad

Specialized Pediatric Trained Providers Virtually A Click Away

What to Expect?

Patients will have the opportunity to book same-day appointments with a specialized pediatric provider. Simply schedule a time that works for you via iPhone/iPad, Computer, or Android device. No downloads or registrations needed.

  1. Patients will enter in reason for visit, patient demographics, and then simply book an appointment time.
  2. Our pediatrician will discuss the symptoms with you and your child. They can diagnose the issue and provide you with the next steps.
  3. Depending on the diagnosis, a provider may be able to write a prescription for needed medication and have it sent directly to your local pharmacy.
patient speaking with online doctor using Virtual Visit telemedicine service

Virtual Visits Every Day of the Year

Meet the needs of our patients in our immediate neighborhood and all over Illinois. Our Illinois-based pediatric trained providers believe in specialty care from the comfort of your home. We aim to break distance barriers. Our licensed pediatric providers are available to connect through live video and have prescriptions sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm and Saturday Sunday 8am to 7pm.

Why Choose Pediatric Telemedicine?

  • Receive specialized pediatric care from your own home
  • Gain access to healthcare faster
  • Connect to a pediatric provider who is able to diagnose, treat, and send your prescription to a local pharmacy
  • Mutually beneficial to patient and doctor

What We Treat Online

Childrens Urgent Care in Chicago Treats Fever and Common Illness

Common Illnesses

Be evaluated by a pediatric Telemedicine provider for common illnesses such as the flu, common cold, congestion or sinus infection

online treatment of mild allergies and skin irritations

Mild Allergies + Skin Irritations

Exposed to an allergen? Connect online and be evaluated for common allergy symptoms, skin irritations, or rashes

Childrens Urgent Care in Chicago Treats Cuts and Performs Laceration Repair and Stiches

Minor Injuries

From bumps and bruises to minor sports injuries, our Illinois based providers can immediately assess any non-life threatening injuries online

online treatment for conjunctivitis / pink eye

Conjunctivitis / Pink Eye

Showing signs of inflammation? Simply speak to a provider to help diagnose and treat symptoms

online treatment of vomiting and diarrhea

Vomiting and Diarrhea

Receive immediate care through our pediatric telemedicine services for nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea

online pediatric doctor answers medical questions

Medical Questions

Have a question for our online provider? Quickly connect to one of our online pediatric providers for answers to your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What kind things can you treat through a virtual visit?

    We can treat and give advice on variety of common illness and injuries. Colds, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Mild allergic reactions, skin irritations, ringworm, minor injuries, minor burns, some types of pink eye.

  • Are there specific things or symptoms that cannot be treated through a virtual visit?

    The most common are ear pain, sore throat and urinary tract infection (UTI). These illnesses need specific exams or testing done to provide the best treatment for your child.

  • As a caregiver, what information do I need to have ready for my visit? Do I need to know the child’s height and weight?
    • A recent weight is needed if your child requires medication
    • Height is not required
    • Any allergies your child has
    • Current medications that your child is taking
  • Do I need to have a thermometer to take my child’s temperature if he or she isn’t feeling well?

    No. A current temperature is helpful but not required. This request may be provider specific.

  • Can medication still be called into a pharmacy if needed?

    Yes. If your child requires a prescription, we would be happy to send it to your local pharmacy. Pharmacy information can be entered when you check in for your virtual visit or can be given to the provider during the Virtual Visit.

  • Are virtual visits covered by insurance? Is there a co-pay? If they aren’t covered, what is the cost?  

    We are currently offering Virtual Visits for a self-pay cost of 60 dollars. Insurance coverage for telemedicine varies between insurances and even within the plans themselves so it may be difficult to determine if your insurance covers telemedicine. Illinois does not require insurance carries to cover telemedicine visits.

  • What is the cost of a Virtual Visit?

    A flat rate fee of $60.00

  • What are the hours Virtual Visits are offered?

    Monday to Friday 12pm to 8pm
    Saturday and Sunday 8am to 7pm

  • What if it is determined that my child needs additional testing like bloodwork or x-rays? Can the doctor give me a referral, or can I come in to have those done?

    Yes. If it is determined that your child needs further testing that can be completed at the clinic, we will transfer your visit to the urgent care and your child’s visit will resume upon arrival. Children that are seen in the clinic immediately after their virtual visit will have the virtual visit fee waived and insurance can be used at that time. If your child needs care that cannot be completed at the clinic you will be referred to the appropriate type of facility and the virtual visit fee will apply.

  • What is the age range for the Virtual Visit?

    We can see people 0 to 21 years old.